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We provide infinite support to our clients by scouting international opportunities for their business and sourcing for them the best what the World can offer today. We assist any size company with expanding globally by connecting them with the right companies for synergistic partnerships and tapping into new markets or resources. We do our best to help to promote our clients and their products or services geographically anywhere they need. We can add value to the growth by strategizing their progress from any stage of the company life.



Our network can surely find and refine critical leads for our client products and services. We scout for legit contacts to sell or buy on wholesale basis any goods or services anywhere in the world where it is appropriate to conduct business safely and economically profitable. Currently, focusing our outreach on the North American and CIS countries. 


  • IT & Telecom (Mobile applications, AI, Blockchain, Hybrid integrations, Smart City planning, and Robotics for any needs)

  • Marketing & Communications (Brand envisioning and fulfillment, business, and investment opportunity scouting, and the following networking)

  • Energy (Biofuels, Oil & Gas refinery and mobile powerful waste processing technologies and services)

  • Resources & Infrastructure (multiple commodity type global trading support)

  • Distribution/Representative (Sourcing and building supply chain for various types of imported or exported agricultural goods and services)


We can assist companies to expand strategically leveraging our network's expertise and its knowledge, scout and onboard missing skill sets to complete any task in, literally, any industry and anywhere on the Earth,

for now.

For Russian-speaking
(для говорящих на русском языке):

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