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What we do now?
Working with quite a few unique Clients with early-stage startups and also mature companies:

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We believe that those who work hard in fields and in forests during warm months will always have yummy foods to eat and share all winter long!

We are happy to announce that we will be bringing into USA hemp grains, currently, from Russian Industrial Hemp Farms. High-quality genetics and valuable fatty properties make these grains great for consuming, pressing, sprouting, and processing into oil, making your own flour, and hemp protein. There are many other ways to process these seeds into products.

In the United States, our company will have hemp grains available in 1, 3,5, and 10 lbs. bags.
This trademark is registered in the United States and also in Russia and used to sell imported organic and premium globally sourced authentic raw and healthy foods that will include nuts, seeds, grains, berries, mushrooms, Chaga, and everything else yummy and useful that Mother Nature gave us all. We will always look for bilateral trade opportunities to promote products and services in all directions.


Hemp grains

Buy Hemp products online on the major marketplaces for home or commercial needs.
Drop us a line if any questions or ideas



    Our concept of a medical wearable fuses together three currently evolving therapeutic practices of herbal (terpenes), VR/AR, and Audio therapies. And on top of it, the same wearable merges three existing stand-alone technologies of terpenes/-oids oils vaporizing (microphone and airflow sensor universal boom), VR/AR (glasses), and Audio (headphones) content delivery systems. Gesture controls are used for intuitive motion interactions with systems and also provide additional sensors data for deeper behavior analysis and the creation of evident-based treatments inside of the designated sandbox in collaboration with all parties.
Design synergies simply as we go.

Early-stage project: needs financing and industry expertise, many opportunities are available.
 (in development)


NPP "Zelenaya Planeta".llc a.k.a. "Green Planet" 

  We believe that commitment to saving our planet from the side of the effect of our rapidly evolving civilizations is a very critical and logical idea to do simply because those nations contribute huge amounts of global waste that will eventually bring us down. A team of scientists with decades of experience in oil&gas, the industrial waste processing field perfected a universal technology that is made of modules. Depending on the task and problem modules can be assembled into commercial-grade compact and efficient systems. Want to turn bad high sulfur oils into marine fuel, or hemp biomass into biodiesel, or process contaminated water into pure drinkable ones, you name the environmental problem, we can solve it. I am proud to be a mandate to the Company and represent them in the full spectrum of their services. Together we can balance out our evolution and progress and Preserve the Beauty of the Planet we call home.


Tyumen Oblast' and the State of Maine opportunities


More is coming here, check back to find more!

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